Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xetlink AI

Xetlink AI is an AI-powered language translation platform that offers real-time, multi-language speech-to-text and speech-to-speech translation, transcription, sentiment analysis, and topic extraction. It also provides real-time speech-to-sign language translation and vocabulary lists, making it an ideal tool for video conference apps like Zoom to enable seamless communication across languages and abilities.

What type of analysis can I perform after a meeting is completed?

You can analyze meeting content and sentiment with Xetlink AI’s transcription, sentiment analysis, and topic extraction. Language detection and entity recognition help you understand your audience better, and targeted sentiment analysis and PII identification help maintain data privacy. Key phrase extraction allows you to extract meaningful insights from video meetings, audio, text, and more.

Which video conference apps do you integrate with?

Xetlink AI integrates with several popular video conference apps, including Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. This allows for seamless video conferencing and collaboration across different platforms, all in one place. Connect your preferred app and start communicating effortlessly.

Which languages do you support for real-time meetings?

Xetlink AI supports multiple languages for real-time meetings through its speech-to-text and speech-to-speech translation features. Users can benefit from real-time multi-language translations during their sessions.

Can I share my meeting summaries with others?

Yes, Xetlink AI allows users to share their meeting summaries with others. After the meeting is transcribed and analyzed, users can download or share the summary report in formats such as PDF or CSV. Users can also grant access to other team members or stakeholders to view the meeting summary within the Xetlink AI platform. This feature enables better collaboration and ensures that all team members are on the same page, even if they cannot attend the in-person meeting.

Can I review the meeting summaries of completed meetings?

Yes, Xetlink AI allows users to review the meeting summaries of completed meetings. Once a session has been transcribed and analyzed, the summary report can be accessed and reviewed anytime from the user’s Xetlink AI account. This feature lets users quickly refer to essential points discussed during the meeting and ensure that all action items are followed up.

I would like to upload an audio/video file for transcription; is that possible on the app?

YES Xetlink AI app offers real-time multi-language speech-to-text and speech-to-speech translation for meetings. However, it allows you to upload audio/video files for transcription. You can use Xetlink AI for real-time translation during sessions.

Can the Xetlink notetaker automatically join my scheduled meetings?

Yes, Xetlink AI’s notetaker feature can automatically join scheduled meetings and capture audio and text for transcription. The real-time speech-to-speech and speech-to-text translation capabilities enable the notetaker to capture the conversation and create a transcript accurately, even when participants speak different languages. Can I make a vocabulary list to improve the speech translation?

Can I upload a file for sentiment analysis and topic extraction?

Yes, Xetlink allows you to upload documents (Text, PDF, docx, PNG, JPG, or TIFF images) and audio/video files to be analyzed.

What type of files can I upload for sentiment analysis, topic extraction and PII detection?

Xetlink AI’s sentiment analysis, topic extraction, and PII detection features are designed to analyze text data. Users can upload various file formats such as Text, PDF, docx, PNG, JPG, or TIFF images and audio/video files. The service also offers real-time analysis of speech-to-text data so that users can upload audio or video files in supported formats for transcription and analysis. Xetlink AI’s entity recognition and critical phrase extraction features can also be applied to text and speech-to-text data.

Can I import a custom vocabulary from an external location?

Xetlink AI’s vocabulary list feature currently does not support importing custom vocabulary from external locations. However, users can create and manage their custom vocabularies within the Xetlink AI platform, which can then be used for speech-to-text transcription and analysis. The platform also offers the ability to train the speech recognition model to improve accuracy and adapt to specific vocabulary or accents.

How many custom vocabularies can I create?

For the Basic One custom vocabulary list, 30 words per list

For the Pro 20 custom vocabulary list, 40 words per list

For the Business Unlimited custom vocabulary list, 50 words per list

For the enterprise, contact us.

What type of security do you have in place?

Protecting your data is our top priority at Xetlink, and we take responsible custodianship seriously. You can trust us to keep your information secure. Learn more about our Privacy & Security practices and policies, including our FAQs, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, California Resident Privacy Notice, and list of subprocessors with access to specific customer data. Additionally, we use AWS services for data storage in the western United States AWS region, encrypting data with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) using AWS SSE (Server-Side Encryption) and regularly rotating the root key.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is secured in your personal cloud space. We also offer end-to-end encryption and different high levels of Authentication.

What is real-time speech-to-sign language?

Xetlink Ai’s real-time speech-to-sign language technology converts spoken language into sign language in real-time using an avatar, benefiting people who are deaf or hard of hearing and improving accessibility and inclusivity in various settings.

Which sign languages will you support?

British and American sign language for now

Can I select my avatar for the sign language?

Yes, you can select the avatar you want, male or female.

Do you provide support to your customers?

Yes, we support customers at any level.