Real-Time Transcription

Xetlink is a cutting-edge video conferencing app with a unique feature - real-time transcription. With this feature, users can transcribe the audio from their video calls into text in real time, making it easier for them to follow along and keep track of what was said. This can be particularly useful in a business setting, where important information needs to be recorded and shared with others. The real-time transcription feature works seamlessly within the Xetlink app.
As the audio is being recorded, the text is automatically generated and displayed on the screen. The transcription is accurate and captures even the most complex of speech, making it ideal for those who struggle to understand speech or are hearing impaired. Additionally, the transcriptions are saved and can be easily shared with others, allowing team members who were not present during the call to catch up on what was discussed.

Convert Audio and Video Files into a Text

Our transcription service uses Ai solution to convert Audio and video files into a text form or an electronic document. It is commonly used in various ways, such as turning a spoken-language recording into a report, a journalist’s MP3 interview into text or a physician’s voice notes into a readable document.
Transcription can work in tandem with voice-to-text or text-to-text platforms, and Xetlink offers both. We also allow you to tweak the transcription feature more accurately and pinpoint your specific need.

Accurate Transcription Can Make the Difference.

Our software is so sensitive that it will even pick up the phonetics spoken, allowing for how a speaker’s tone changes throughout a conversation. Dialects, drawls, accents, volume, and how a speaker pronounces a particular word are picked up. If you are like most people, how your comments appear in print is critical.

Accurate transcription can make the difference between a sale and a lost client, a happy or a confused friend, and most of all, valuable time lost or gained. After all, if you have to go back over a transcript after it spits out, does this reduce your time overall? With Xetlink, rest assured: it’s fast and the most accurate on the market.Another advantage of the real-time transcription feature is that it makes video conferencing more accessible to a broader audience. With the ability to transcribe speech into text, those who may have difficulty understanding speech or are hard of hearing can participate more easily. This not only improves accessibility but also increases the overall efficiency of video calls by allowing everyone access to the same information.

Improve Efficiency, Increase Accessibility.

Whether you are a teacher trying to communicate with your class online, doing a podcast interview, or capturing videos on social media with Xetlink, a narrative can be shaped to share your story with the world.In conclusion, the real-time transcription feature offered by Xetlink is a game-changer for video conferencing. With its seamless integration into the app, accurate transcription, and ability to make video conferencing more accessible to a broader audience, Xetlink is a must-have for businesses looking to enhance their video conferencing capabilities. Whether you want to improve efficiency, increase accessibility, or have an easier time following along during video calls, Xetlink's real-time transcription feature has you covered.