Real time sign Language translation

Revolutionizing Communication

Xetlink's real-time speech-to-sign language translation is revolutionizing communication for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms to translate spoken language into American Sign Language (ASL), making it possible for everyone to participate fully in conversations over video conference apps.

More Diverse and Productive Workplace

Our speech-to-sign language translation is not only about accessibility but also inclusivity. We're helping to create a more diverse and productive workplace by breaking down communication barriers. When everyone can communicate effectively, there are fewer misunderstandings and more opportunities for collaboration, leading to better outcomes for all involved.

Analyze Spoken Language in Real Time and Translate it into ASL / BSL.

Xetlink's speech-to-sign language translation is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for everyone to use. Our technology is designed to analyze spoken language in real time and translate it into ASL, allowing deaf or hard-of-hearing users to see and understand what's being said.

Make Communication Accessible to All.

At Xetlink, we're committed to creating a more inclusive world. Our speech-to-sign language translation is just one of the ways we're working to break down communication barriers and make communication accessible to all. Whether you're a business owner or educator or want to make a difference, we invite you to join us on this journey toward a world where everyone can communicate effectively and feel valued and included.